SOLAR-TECH Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.
ul. Biskupińska 23
30-732 Kraków
tel. +48 12 290 04 06
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technical support
Solar-Tech is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of aluminum systems in the field of shading. As a contractor we comprehensively support the constructions starting from the offer and draft design, through the workshop documentation, material processing and professional installation. Our sales advisors will provide you with information and advice in a professional manner, in accordance with the construction and design needs.
The technical support we offer:
  • meeting with our representative in the planning office or on site,
  • advice in selecting the material,
  • selection of blinds for the project in terms of object location, spacing of structural elements, load-bearing elements, summary of rated loads and object darkening - daylight analysis,
  • technical drawings: workshop, as-is documentation.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!
About the company
Solar-Tech Sp. z.o.o. operates on the Polish market since 1999. We specialize in manufacturing, sales and professional advice in the field of external sunscreens, acoustic, glass and ceramic blinds as well as ventilated ceramic flooring. The company is located in Krakow, but we operate throughout Poland and European Union. Anyone who knows our company, knows that our range is perfectly adapted to the current demand. Each year we expand our offer. Our main goal is to meet the needs of the investor and Architect, within reasonable financial framework.
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