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Large blinds | ST 300A

ST 300A profile as profile ST 200A is a variant of the profile with a width of 300 mm with a completely different shape than the typical bulky blinds. Profile primary stroke ST 300A is 300 mm, although you can use any thinning of discretion. The profile is mounted on the end caps of any angle of inclination as desired.

In addition, the profile PC 300A may be mounted in a mobile system using a motor or manually rotated. The advantage of using the engines is the possibility of a complete building automation (BMS) and any variable slope profiles relative to the horizon. However, when the system manual is chosen few positions profiles.

Extruded aluminum alloy grade 6060 or 6063 and the state of T66 and T6 according to PN_en 755-9 and 573 PN_en cz1-4

Tolerances U.N.E. PN_en 12020

Surface finish is powder coating RAL colors, wood or anode.

Standard coverage is 50 mm or any other depending on the order.

The maximum span between supports is 3 m.

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